Program Review & Assessment

Does your program assessment reveal your success in achieving student learning outcomes? College Survey Services will work with your team to establish the data driven collection process and resulting reports that reveal the perceptions held by faculty and students in regard to each learning outcome you have encouraged. Your action based on these results is more important than the process itself!

In practical terms, assessment involves:

  • The systematic collection of relevant data from students pursuing a particular academic program,
  • The analysis of these data in order to reveal a program’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • The perceived success of learning and achievements by students, and
  • The taking of actions by faculty to maintain a program’s strengths and eliminate its weaknesses.

To be effective, program assessment must be an ongoing, cyclical process in order for faculty to be sure that changes they have made to a course are having desired effects on the program. College Survey Services has developed a set of powerful assessment tools that allow students to convey unambiguously how they are doing in their courses as well as providing critical insight into their perception of the instructional quality they have received.

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Proficiencies, Practices, Skills
  • Attitudes and Dispositions via Awareness and Communication
Testemonial Pic
“New England has worked with College Survey Services for our student evaluations and program assessment for ten years. They provide prompt, cordial service and adapt to our changing requirements professionally and quickly. We have found a true partner for our evaluation needs.”
Thomas R. Thibodeau
New England Institute of Technology