Course Evaluation Reports

Overwhelmed by endless data? College Survey Services’ reports are thoughtfully designed to ease your evaluation review! Our reports eliminate the hassle of inspecting page after page of course evaluation data. With one page per class section, you can see the results broken down item-by-item, and how that course section compares to other courses taught at your institution. Specialized reports, such as CE-Vue® , only available from College Survey Services, will quickly reveal the seven areas of teaching effectiveness and highlight any concepts that might need improvement.


Our reports offer clarity for both faculty and administration! Does your faculty contract preclude administration from receiving course section reports? College Survey Services will structure the release of data to only those approved in each area.



  • CE-Vue® – a trend analysis by instructor over several semesters
  • Response statistics and comparative course section analysis on one page for this semester
  • Commentary in PDF format by course section accompanies the statistical report
  • Instructor reports can be emailed from College Survey Services directly to their individual inbox.



  • All of the above sorted by college, division, department, and instructor
  • A complete student response raw data collection file in Excel
  • Percentage return file of all courses evaluated – shows who did not participate
  • An Excel display of overall averages by instructor and department
  • A variety of CE-Vue® reports by department and course that highlight teaching concepts which are doing well and those that need improvement.



Would you like to maintain control over portions of this project, let us know?

College Survey Services will customize our process to satisfy your business rules.

Administrative reports from College Survey Services are delivered via FTP and on USB.

Take a break and let us email individual instructor’s reports directly to their inboxes.



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“We really, really liked the report, particularly the 10th to 90th percentile bracket, it helped to illuminate exactly where the instructor’s average stands. There are lots of things to like about the report... I think the report saves administrators time by providing lots of important data on a single page, in an easy-to-understand and digest format. Our administrators particularly like that at-a-glance they view a single class AND make comparisons and get a sense of how we're doing across different levels of the college. Another plus is how flexible CSS is; they are able to make modifications to meet our particular needs.”
Karen McPhaul, Director Instructional Computing
Durham Technical Community College