Instructor and Course Evaluations

Your survey or ours? College Survey Services will customize the evaluation project to your exact needs, or you may use our Student Questionnaire on Instruction (SQOI). Proven and reliable, the SQOI is a valid instrument for use in determining effectiveness of college faculty.

KIDS_PHONE_sSurvey design options are endless. Consider demographics, separation by course and instructor, specific questions for labs, clinical, online or overall student satisfaction. Rating scale choices are numerous and content flow can trigger new queries, mandatory responses or bypass those that do not apply. Add open areas for instructor designed questions that can change with each course evaluation and each semester. Expertly prepared by College Survey Services.


Should you evaluate effective instruction, or query student perceptions related to learning outcomes – which school of thought should you follow? Recent trends are leaning towards a combination of Student Learning Outcomes and a shorter evaluation of instructional effectiveness.


Your desires are translated by College Survey Services into a data collection project that is efficient and functions easily without breaking the budget. Whatever choices you are making, contact College Survey Services to discuss your plans, receive samples and find out how our experience and talent can make your vision come to fruition.

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“Bluegrass chose CSS because the fee is significantly less, prepackaged course evaluations reduce our stress and workload, online surveys are much more user-friendly and CSS is willing to listen and provide changes which is extraordinary!”
Kevin Jensen
Technology Faculty, Committee Chair
Bluegrass Community and Technical College