Survey Design & Delivery

Simple and affordable! College Survey Services will transfer your current survey, or custom design each data collection project distributing surveys online, or via the easiest paper delivery in the industry! No software, no headaches. Rely on our more than 50 years of experience to reduce your workload and generate absolutely clean data. College Survey Services is at your service!

You’re going to love the results!

Data Collection Products:

  • Course/Instructor Evaluation
  • Withdrawal Questionnaire
  • Graduate/Alumni Surveys
  • Freshman Surveys
  • Program Review And Assessment
  • Student Learning Perceptions
  • Peer Evals / Faculty Satisfaction
  • Employer Surveys
  • Research Projects
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Climate Surveys

Choose from an assortment of question styles, rating scales and custom variables. Whether it be online, paper or postal delivery, large or small or just a portion; you’ve found your partner for data collection. Contact a College Survey Services representative to receive expert design advice, examine samples and receive a common data set of survey questions to help your committee make decisions.