Commentary Reports

Open ended questions are a great way to gauge students’ impressions of their courses or instructors. This is an opportunity for them to contribute to the success of your institution by elaborating on their responses to the evaluation statements, or express any of their concerns about the course or instructor.

College Survey Services will work with you to determine what questions you’d like to ask and how to word them to provide the best data. You may supply specific questions you wish answered or leave open areas for truly free commentary input.

If you are utilizing paper surveys, College Survey Services can return the commentary typed, or as scanned images of the handwritten sections on your form.

Each commentary collection process is customized to your needs.

  • In certain situations, College Survey Services can combine ALL comments from one class section onto a single page (above).
  • If desired, survey statement scoring entered by the student can be displayed above the comments made.  This offers a visual review of how the comment may have reflected in the scoring (see online commentary sample).
  • If your commentary style is multiple students on a single page, then you might opt for a survey identification number to reveal if the unsavory comments are coming from just one student.
  • If you are asking for a comment with every statement, then you might consider a “mandatory response” if the student has scored this statement in the lower scale range.
  • All comments are combined into one PDF file per class section and accompany the instructor’s statistical reports.

Ask College Survey Services to email the individual reports, comments and instructor trend analysis directly to your instructor’s inbox.