CE-Vue® Reports

CE-Vue® reports provide a unique and very useful tool for quick administrative review. This exclusive reporting instrument from College Survey Services makes interpretation of your semester easier than ever!

Extensive research has shown that effective instruction at the college level is determined by a finate number of factors identified by Feldman, Marsh & Roche, Centra and others, to be as follows:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Organization of subject matter
  3. Enthusiasm for the course
  4. Positive attitude toward students
  5. Fairness in exams and grading
  6. Flexibility in teaching methods
  7. Appropriate learning outcomes

Today, most every institution of higher education considers these same constructs when assessing effective teaching. College Survey Services will collaborate with you in aligning your senate/committee approved set of questions to these constructs. Beyond the raw data and statistical reports and comments, College Survey Services will now remap your student responses into these teaching concepts revealing any areas that need attention.

The CE-Vue® color coded charts will highlight those instructors who are scoring above or below your acceptable averages. Deans or Chairs can readily see if their department is steady and successful, or if any one instructor is falling below the acceptable norm within certain teaching constructs. The CE-Vue® instructor trend analysis report covering several semesters on one page, will provide precious insight into individual faculty performance over time. The trend analysis is an excellent report to share with your faculty, and College Survey Services can add it to their emailed section reports each semester.

CE-Vue® reports display:

  1. All sections sorted by division/department
  2. Class sections that scored higher than 4.5 overall
  3. Class sections that scored lower than 3.5 overall
  4. Instructor trend analysis over several semesters
  5. If your survey asks:
    1. Would “you”  take a course with this instructor again
    2. Would “you” recommend this course to others

then CSS will prepare additional reports based on these critical satisfaction questions – free!

Testemonial Pic
“CSS handles each region as a separate college, with separate files, questions and reports that satisfy both corporate/home office and each regional administration. We are a complex system and CSS has the ability to integrate/automate our processes which is critical.”
Cherry Kay Smith
Executive Director of Academic Policy & Assessment
Ivy Tech Community College System