Online Survey Delivery

You have choices! College Survey Services will deliver the online surveys using one or all of the following methods. Each online survey system incorporates a single-use non-sequential code and delivers a receipt upon completion. College Survey Services will provide your administration with an interim report of how many students have completed online surveys in each class. No Software! College Survey Services manages and hosts the website.




A uniquely designed URL web address using your institutions’ name requires a student identification to authenticate their enrollment, display their classes and access the online surveys. College Survey Services will simply provide this URL to you for distribution to the students. This method requires your efforts as a communicator for reminders and motivation. For less work, review the following methods:



College Survey Services will email a single link to each student which reveals a menu of all courses in which they are enrolled that are being evaluated online. A series of reminders will be routinely sent from College Survey Services to those who have not complied. A “Lost Link” URL is delivered to the instructor which can be given to the student who “deleted or lost” their emailed survey link.  Would you like response rates that match those of paper?  See WIC:


Javier and Ava

Students taking one of our Web In Class surveys.



Web-in-Class© – is the most productive and anonymous online collection method in the industry. The biggest hurdle to electronic surveys is getting the student to actually do an online survey! The key to success is IN the classroom, on your time, not theirs. College Survey Services will deliver WIC online codes in prepackaged class envelopes or emailed pdf files sent directly to the instructor. The instructor’s presence during this evaluation reminds students that this is an important course assignment. In ten minutes you’ll have the same response rates as paper and there are no forms or cards to collect and return.

  • Random distribution of online codes offers complete anonymity
  • Each student is given a single-use online code (no student ID or emails)
  • Scan the QR code with a free barcode reading app on your smart device
  • Or, enter the URL into your internet browser
  • Enter the WIC online code provided on the card
  • Devices can be shared if needed
  • Complete the online survey
  • Get back to work!

In 2014, over 85% of students were carrying a smart-phone to class. Absentee students can be given a leftover card to complete at home.

Try WIC for yourself
  1. Open your barcode scanning app
  2. Scan the QR code at the right OR
    type the URL into your browser
  3. Enter the PIN code on the card
  4. Complete the survey
  5. Get back to work!

Single Online Card

Testemonial Pic
“WOW!!! You and your team are amazing! I have been in business (not academia) for a long time...and your company definitely should pride itself on responsiveness and turnaround time. Please thank your team for me! I appreciate your patience, determination, and professionalism. You and your staff have gone far above expectations.”
Joe Mark, Academic Dean
Castleton University