Student Questionnaire On Instruction

The Student Questionnaire on Instruction (SQOI) is a valid and proven instrument that embodies and reflects empirical research findings in the teaching evaluation area.

Over the years, evaluation researchers have concluded that instruction needs to be viewed as a multidimensional activity and that a relatively finite set of constructs underlie effective teaching. The Student Questionnaire on Instruction is designed using statements that fulfill these constructs and our CE-Vue™ reports display the resulting averages based on these constructs within colorful, easy-to-read charts.College Survey Services will grant your institution a discount when using the standard SQOI. If your institution would like to use this instrument with some minor changes, we can provide a selection of popular statements used throughout higher education which are sorted by the constructs for effective teaching.

Using the Student Questionnaire on Instruction in concert with the Teaching Performance Self-Inventory (TPS-I) allows administration a review of teaching performance from the joint perspectives of peers and students.

Testemonial Pic
“The content of the survey is good – categories and items fit our needs; the language is clear and at a good readability level; the scoring key is easy for students to understand and the reporting format comprehensive; provides trend analyses and comparisons.”
Abegail Douglas-Johnson, Assistant Vice President for Academic Operations
Hudson County Community College